You Should Know These To Work Better With Meranti

You Should Know These To Work Better With Meranti

Commonly Meranti is referred to as Philippine Mahogany. But do not go by the word mahogany, because this wood does not go anywhere close to mahogany, but definitely is a great choice as a hardwood for doing interior design work in detailing. The soft and hard combination of the wood which makes it great for carving and detailing, and therefore makes it a great choice to use in wooden paneling, framework, windows and doors, moldings and furniture, and for joining etc.

Features of Meranti you should know to work with it

  • Meranti is resistant to dents also it does not twist, bend or warp and hence is hard structurally and yet flexible for finer detailing.
  • The colors of the wood range from light reddish brown to darker shades of brown.
  • There are ribbons along the wood with a coarse grain and uniform texture.
  • It’s easy to handle Meranti for gluing, nailing and screwing.
  • Meranti absorbs paints, stains, and varnishes with ease, but has to be smoothened with sand paper to close its open grains.

While working with Meranti, you will have to use tools for cutting and shaping that are very hard and have too sharp edges. That’s because the high silica content of Meranti can ruin the sharpness of cutting and shaping tools quickly.

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