True Superfoods

True Superfoods

The term “superfood” is one that is thrown around too often these days. Now companies and their marketing teams try to trick health conscious people in by promoting “the next great superfood that easily makes you loose weight” and it is usually a food that has been around for a long time, most of the time it is some form of berry they are trying to plug too.

Originally the term was created for foods with a nutritional value that considerably exceeds that of your average piece of fruit or vegetable. But for all the fake superfoods out there that marketing teams are tasked with increasing the sales of, there are actually those that do deserve the title. Generally these superfood tend to be exotic fruits and vegetables that we aren’t familiar with in the West, but if you are on the hunt for foods that will do wonders for your body then look no further than those in the below list.

This is one superfood that we have all become pretty familiar with in the UK, but it is also one that whilst people still use it, its great benefits seem to have fallen from the publics consciousness. Wheatgrass just so happens to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods known to science, giving you way more bang for your buck than your average greens.

Research has shown that by having around 4 grams of wheatgrass powder you will be fuelling your body with an impressive 1,600 percent of your recommended daily allowance (RCA) of vitamin E, 7,000 percent of the RCA of manganese, 413 percent of our RCA of zinc and plenty of other quite astonishing statistics of essential nutrients that is incredibly surprising considering it is grass! Wheatgrass is a potent detox food and should be in all of our diets.

The name may be less appetizing than wheatgrass but the single-celled algae known as spirulina is another great superfood. When spirulina is actually combined with chlorella they become a pretty impressive tag team! They compliment each other and although they are both single-celled algae, they both serve different purposes in our bodies.

Chlorella contains more iron that spirulina and is good at removing any heavy metals from the body, while spirulina contains more protein and has more cancer-fighting properties than chlorella. Therefore if you consume these two together then you are giving your body a pretty great nutrient boost, one that is far stronger than regular fruit and veg.

Moringa Oleifera
You may not be familiar with the name but this is seen as the king of superfoods. Moringa is a Himalayan tree that has leaves with an insane amount of goodness in them, so much so that it has been named a ‘miracle tree’. The leaves harbor over 90 different nutrients and boast some pretty impressive statistics, such as having seven times the vitamin C of oranges, four times the calcium of milk and three times the potassium of bananas! This is a powder that is definitely worth investing in and is easy to order online.

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