Swap Foods For Easy Ways To Cut Calories

Swap Foods For Easy Ways To Cut Calories

Often when people are attempting to lose weight they generally shoot themselves in the foot by attempting to follow some fad diet that has been created to eventually make you fail. If you are used to consuming 3000 calories a day then immediately cutting it by half and replacing carbs with odd, small portions is going to be a hard challenge even for the most dedicated person.

However there are plenty of small ideas that you can introduce as well as a focus on eating healthier and more natural produce, in a bid to shed some pounds. One of the most obvious of these is thinking about everything you are currently digesting on a regular basis, are you consuming a handful of cookies everyday? Then what can you swap them out for that will fill that craving but won’t have all calories and sugar? Introducing the idea of food swapping into your lifestyle is a small thing but it can have a drastic impact on your daily calorie intake and each correct decision will leave you with a mini feeling of success, knowing that you are on the right track to a healthier and happier you.

Switching food is an easy way to cut around 500 calories from your daily intake, it could be even more depending on what you swap foods out for! If you aren’t too sure how you feel about it then just try it for one day and you’ll immediately be able to see the difference. To get you started here are some quick examples of ways you can cut your daily calorie intake with healthier alternatives.

If you simply can’t function without coffee then why not consider trading in your daily latte (290 calories) for a cup of black coffee (22 calories)? You will have already drastically cut your calorie intake before you’ve even gotten to work.

We all crave a bit of sugar throughout the day to keep us going but this is an easy way to load up on unwanted calories. If you have a sweet tooth for cake then why not consider going for mini-cake options instead of regular sizes? Yes we’d say go for fruit but if you simply can’t manage life without a treat or two then this is a great way of cutting around 500 calories.

If you are a fan of the cinema then often the lure of the sweet stand can be overwhelming. Instead of ordering some expensive and calorie-laden popcorn, be sure to bring your own air-popped or healthily cooked popcorn and you’ll save a huge 900 calories!

If you are partial to picking up a sandwich for lunch then you might want to start by replacing that tuna melt or baguette with a sushi roll instead, not only is it a bit healthier but it will also save you over 600 calories.

Trick Yourself
As well as replacing food you might want to consider replacing your crockery! Swapping large plates out for smaller ones has been shown to help you subconsciously cut back on calories, as the plate looks fuller. Even opting for smaller forks or chopsticks is an easy way to help you take more time with your food and digest it properly.

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