Do Foods Really Deserve The ‘Superfood’ Title?

Do Foods Really Deserve The ‘Superfood’ Title?

More and more foods are being marketed as “superfoods” but it makes you think what is the exact criteria that is required to give something this title? Turns out it isn’t a lot and the name superfood is used quite a lot by marketing companies to suck people in who are looking for easy and quick ways to become more healthy. There is also a joke that says anything that is reasonably hard to pronounce deserves a place as a superfood, Quinoa, Kimchi, Acai?

But these foods aren’t particularly super and are more ‘in trend’, that isn’t to say that they are bad for you but do they really deserve the title “superfood”? As consumers we tend to be overwhelmed with products and information telling us what the latest amazing food is and often it is one that has been around for a considerable amount of time and it just seems like a marketing company has decided to plug it more in a bid to boost its sales. I’m sure we have all been witness to some crazy new berry trend that has sparked a huge amount of media attention and has everyone ordering dried berries at extortionate prices just because a TV show or magazine announced it was a “weight-loss miracle”.

For most of us nutrition is about commonsense rather than complicating it with strict plans. If there was more emphasis on being responsible and sensible with what we eat rather than trying to follow some ludicrous diet based upon cutting carbs whilst the next one is all about increasing carbs and cutting protein, then we would all be a happier and healthier bunch of people.

No one seems too sure where the whole “superfood” craze came from but if you compare the products that are being sold to us as super to those processed options we usually consume, then in comparison a berry probably will seem like a superfood. Superfoods have caught on so much because we live in a society that want drastic and immediate results, a huge proportion of people in the UK and America are obese and live their lives hoping that they can find a quick cure to their diet woes. So when they do hear about some miracle berry from the depths of a jungle, they are quick to pounce on the trend.

No that these foods are bad for you, yes they are a lot better for you than what you are usually consuming but we are getting to caught up on fads and trends in our diets. A lot of people are no longer able to see that being healthy and having a healthy diet is simple, all you have to do is cut your calories and eat unprocessed and nutritious fruits and vegetables instead of fast food and snacks that have been designed to make us want to keep consuming them.

What we are trying to get at is that getting caught up on a title such as ‘”superfood” makes you lose track of the bigger picture. It isn’t going to be a fast track to happiness and healthiness…it might help! But it isn’t going to be particularly different to other similar produce.

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